Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways at WCTC are designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain a select set of skills by taking one credential at a time. It’s a laddering approach that divides longer programs into shorter-term credentials. The student gets trained quickly, acquires a certificate that focuses on a select set of skills, and enters the workforce. After employed, the individual can continue or return to school – while maintaining employment – and earn a higher-level skill set within that pathway.

Career Pathway Diagram

Each step improves career and earning potential and works toward developing skill sets needed by a specific industry. Students are offered the flexibility required to move forward with their education and employment goals at their own pace.

The following programs at WCTC have pathway certificates* leading to diplomas or degrees.

Baking and Pastry Management View or print pathway
Culinary Management View or print pathway
Health Unit Coordinator View or print pathway
IT – Computer Support Specialist View or print pathway
IT - Network Specialist View or print pathway
IT – Web and Software Developer View or print pathway
Medical Assistant View or print pathway
Metal Fabrication/Welding- Advanced View or print pathway
Phlebotomy Technician View or print pathway

*To qualify for most federal and state financial aid, a student must be enrolled in a technical diploma or associate degree program.