Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways at WCTC are designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain a select set of skills by taking one certificate at a time. It’s a laddering approach that divides longer programs into shorter-term certificates. The student gets trained quickly, acquires a certificate that focuses on a select set of skills, and enters the workforce. After employed, the individual can continue or return to school – while maintaining employment – and earn a higher-level skill set within that pathway.

Career Pathway Diagram

Each step improves career and earning potential and works toward developing skill sets needed by a specific industry. Students are offered the flexibility required to move forward with their education and employment goals at their own pace.

The following programs at WCTC have pathway certificates leading to diplomas or degrees.


Printable Pdfs

Administrative Professional  
Automation Systems Technology  
Automotive Technology  
Baking and Pastry Management View or print pathway
Culinary Management View or print pathway
Facilities Maintenance  
Industrial Maintenance Technician  
Metal Fabrication/Welding- Advanced  
IT – Computer Support Specialist View or print pathway
IT - Network Enterprise Administrator  
IT - Network Specialist View or print pathway
IT – Web and Software Developer View or print pathway
Tool and Die