Pharmacy Technician.

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Pharmacy Technician

32-credit Technical Diploma

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Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in hospital and community pharmacies. Learn to package and label drugs for prescription dispensing, prepare and deliver unit dose drugs to nursing services of hospitals or nursing homes, prepare parental mixtures under aseptic and sterile conditions, receive and inventory drug shipments and maintain records and patient profiles, and provide patient service.

  • Prepare for jobs such as pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant.
  • This is a partnership program. Through a consortium effort, this Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) Pharmacy Technician program combines course work at WCTC (general education courses), LTC and on-site distance education classes (major coursework).
  • Through the partnership agreement, LTC serves as the host college and saves slots for WCTC students.
  • Students will graduate from the host college – LTC – not WCTC.
  • Wages of recent graduates per Graduate Follow-up Report
    • Salary Range: $22,878-$32,746
    • Median Salary: $27,892

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Program Code 315361

Required Courses

This is a partnership program and only a portion of the classes are offered at WCTC; the other courses are offered at the partnership school.

First Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 501-101 Medical Terminology3 *
 801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm3+ 
Total Semester Credits
Second Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 104-102 Marketing Principles3+ 
 809-198 Intro to Psychology3+*
Total Semester Credits
+ (Proficiency Exam Available)
* (Prerequisites or substitutes may apply to this class.)

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Credit Transfer Opportunities

WCTC has agreements with local high schools and various four-year colleges and universities that enable students to transition more seamlessly from high school to WCTC to four-year colleges. Transcripted credit agreements provide high school students the opportunity to take WCTC courses at their high schools. Agreements with four-year colleges enable WCTC graduates in selected programs to transfer credits, often at junior-level standing. Agreements currently in place for this program are listed below.

High School Transfer Opportunities

WCTC Course

WCTC Credits Awarded

104-102 Marketing Principles 3
501-101 Medical Terminology 3
801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm 3
809-198 Intro to Psychology 3

Four Year College Transfer Opportunities

Program Specific Agreements

There are currently no program specific college credit agreements for Pharmacy Technician. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

General Agreements

There are currently no general college credit agreements for Pharmacy Technician. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

UW-System Credit Transfer

If you are interested in attending a UW-campus, you should contact a transfer representative at the campus you plan to attend. You may also check credit transfer agreements between WCTC and the UW System to tell you which specific courses and general education classes may be accepted.

Important Cautionary Note:
This information is intended as a general description. Please verify the availability and details of the program that interests you with the transfer coordinator at the receiving institution.

Partnership Program

What is a Partnership Program?

Waukesha County Technical College has partnership agreements with other Wisconsin Technical College System colleges to offer selected allied health programs. Through the partnership agreements, the “host” college offers the program, but saves slots for students from WCTC and other cooperating colleges.

How does a partnership program work?

WCTC students who enroll in partnership programs may enroll in general education courses at WCTC. Most major coursework is taken through the host college via videos, distance education and/or traveling to the host college. Clinical work will be performed ether in the WCTC district or host college district, depending on the program of study. Students enrolled in partnership programs will graduate from the host college, not WCTC.