Nursing Assistant student.

Nursing Assistant

3-credit Technical Diploma

In the 120-hour Nursing Assistant program, gain proficiency in fundamental nursing assistant skills through lectures, skill demonstration and hands-on practice of skills in a nursing assistant lab. Learn basic nursing assistant tasks needed to care for patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities and their own homes. Once these skills are mastered in the classroom, training will be completed in a skilled nursing facility or hospital setting under the supervision of an instructor.

  • Upon successful completion of the WCTC Nursing Assistant program, graduates will be eligible to take the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Competency Examination through the American Red Cross and be placed on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry.
  • The Nursing Assistant program is a WCTC Pathway into the Nursing – Associate Degree program.
  • Effective 8/21/14, Nursing Assistant students must be 16 years old by the first day of their class.
  • Wages of recent graduates per Graduate Follow-up Report
    • Three-year Avg. Salary for Full-time Related Employment: $27,567

Apply for the Nursing Assistant Program

Print and follow the Nursing Assistant Program Checklist

Required Documentation

Program Code 30-543-1

Required Courses

First Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 543-300 Nursing Assistant3  
Total Semester Credits
+ (Proficiency Exam Available)
* (Prerequisites or substitutes may apply to this class.)

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Additional Information for Potential Students

Mandatory Attendance

  • Attendance for this course is regulated by the State of Wisconsin. All scheduled classes are mandatory and students must be on time for each session. There are no make-up sessions.
  • Missing a class will result in a withdrawal (and partial or no refund of your tuition).
  • If you fail to attend class the first day, you will be dropped from the class.
  • In order to receive a 100% refund of your tuition, you must notify the Registration Department at 262-691-5578 before the first day of class. Refunds are subject to a $3.00 processing fee.

Textbook / Student Uniform Policy / Supplies

  • Purchase the Essentials of Nursing Assistants (Mosby’s – 5th Edition) textbook, workbook, and DVD ahead of time at the WCTC bookstore (Pewaukee Campus). You must bring the textbook, workbook, and DVD to the first day of class. The cost is approximately $105.
  • First Day and Classroom Day: No special uniform is required.
  • Skill and Clinical Day Uniform: Royal blue scrub top and pants, white shoes and a watch with a second hand and a flexible watchband. Purchase the uniform scrubs for the Nursing Assistant Program through the WCTC bookstore (approximate cost $35).

Health Requirements

WCTC requires that all students have their TB skin tests given and read only at ProHealth Works at any of these five locations or the Waukesha County Public Health Center:

  • ProHealth Works – Mukwonago
    240 W. Maple Avenue
  • ProHealth Works - New Berlin
    13900 W. National Avenue
  • ProHealth Works – Oconomowoc
    Oconomowoc Physician Center/Urgent Care Entrance
    1185 Corporate Center Drive
  • ProHealth Works - Watertown
    109 Air Park Dr.
  • ProHealth Works – Waukesha
    The Seeger Medical Office Building
    20611 Watertown Road, Suite J

Scheduling Phone Number for all ProHealth Works locations: 262.928.5900.

  • Waukesha County Public Health Center – Waukesha (cost $20)
    514 Riverview Avenue

A two-step TB skin test (NOT a one-step) or Quantiferon blood test is required, with written documentation on the Health Requirement form.

  • A two-step skin test will require a total of four (4) visits to the clinic where you are receiving the test. This process may take up to 3 weeks to complete.
  • You will turn the TB test documentation in to your instructor on the first day of class. The results are to be recorded on the NA Student Health Requirement form.
  • There is a $15.00 charge per test at ProHealth. The Public Health Center charges $20.00 per test.
  • If you have had a two-step TB test in the past, bring in a document stating this. If you CAN produce this document, you must have a one-step TB skin test, with documentation, within six (6) months of the start of the clinical portion of the nursing assistant class.
  • Failure to have the TB skin test(s) completed before the first day of class will result in you having a QUANTIFERON BLOOD TEST drawn through ProHealth Works for $78.00 + fee of blood draw.

Flu Vaccine

  • All students must show proof of having a flu shot for the current flu season, and document it on the NA Student Health Requirement form. You may have this vaccine at any provider. This MUST also be completed before the start of class.
  • Note: Flu shots may be unavailable during the summer months. If you are scheduled for a summer Nursing Assistant course, this requirement is waived.

Insurance Benefit

  • All students are required to purchase risk insurance. (The cost is $13.00 and is included in your registration fee.) You will be insured for any accidents that might occur at your clinical site.

Competency Testing (State Exam) – Becoming a CNA

  • As of January 2003, the Department of Health Services requires that all candidates who complete a nursing assistant training program have mandatory competency testing before they can be placed on the nurse aide registry. This means that after you finish your program here, you will have to fill out an application and make arrangements to take the competency test.
  • The test consists of two parts: written exam and skills evaluation. The fee for the test will be approximately $115. To obtain more detailed information regarding the test, you can go to the Pearson VUE website Once at the home page, click on “Search Nurse Aide Registry”, then scroll down to "Wisconsin Nurse Aides" and click on "Candidate Handbook".

Credit Transfer Opportunities

WCTC has agreements with local high schools and various four-year colleges and universities that enable students to transition more seamlessly from high school to WCTC to four-year colleges. Transcripted credit agreements provide high school students the opportunity to take WCTC courses at their high schools. Agreements with four-year colleges enable WCTC graduates in selected programs to transfer credits, often at junior-level standing. Agreements currently in place for this program are listed below.

High School Transfer Opportunities

WCTC Course

WCTC Credits Awarded

543-300 Nursing Assistant 3

Four Year College Transfer Opportunities

There are currently no college credit agreements for Nursing Assistant. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

UW-System Credit Transfer

If you are interested in attending a UW-campus, you should contact a transfer representative at the campus you plan to attend. You may also check credit transfer agreements between WCTC and the UW System to tell you which specific courses and general education classes may be accepted.

Important Cautionary Note:
This information is intended as a general description. Please verify the availability and details of the program that interests you with the transfer coordinator at the receiving institution.