RN and LPN Refresher Courses – WCTC School of Health

Refresher courses are offered once a year starting in mid-March.

The RN and LPN Refresher is intended for nurses who have been out of nursing practice for 5 years or longer and hold an active or limited nursing license in the state of Wisconsin. It includes 2 theory and skills courses along with a clinical course. It will be offered during the spring semester of the school year and will have a maximum of 16 students starting in mid-March. The student is required to successfully complete the theory and skills courses prior to taking the clinical course. A mandatory orientation session will take place prior to the start of the courses. An application to enroll in the Refresher courses is required. This information is listed under Refresher Courses in the column on the right.

Theory and Skills consist of 2 courses to be taken concurrently, courses are:

510-405C Critical Thinking/Nursing Skills NC

Discuss ways to develop and apply critical thinking related to the nursing process, physical assessment, and skills in the Nursing Skills lab setting. Content includes enhanced physical assessment, multiple routes of medication administration, infusion therapy, enteral and nasogastric tube management, maintenance of oxygenation and wound management. Therapeutic communication techniques, care of the older adult, documentation and the roles of the RN, LPN and UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) will be reviewed. Demonstration of competency of selected nursing skills by achieving a “satisfactory” rating is required (skills testing). This course meets 2 days a week, 3 hours each class period for 8 weeks (total of 48 hours). Extra time outside of class may be required for this course.

510-471Q Pharmacology Review Nurse Refresher

Designed for nurses refreshing their pharmacology knowledge. It includes principles of safe medication practices along with drug-specific information related to different medication classes such as anti-hypertensives, anti-infectives, hypoglyemics and others. Will meet for two, 3 hour sessions in April. (Total of 6 hours)

Clinical Courses:

510-405O RN Refresher: Clinical Practice

510-405P LPN Refresher: Clinical Practice

This clinical experience will be in a long-term care, rehab, or sub-acute facility under the guidance and direct supervision of a nursing instructor with a group of up to 8 RN/LPN Refresher students. This course is 100 hours in the clinical setting for both RNs and LPNs. The course is 25 hours per week for 4 weeks. The clinical course begins after the completion of the critical thinking/skills course. The clinical experience provides the returning RN/LPN the opportunity to put theory and skills into practice. Extra time during the clinical day may be required for this course.