LPN Update

The LPN Update program is designed as a refresher course for the licensed practical nurse. It consists of two separate classes:

  • LPN Update-Theory and Skills (510-455A). Successful completion will be followed by:
  • LPN Update-Clinical Practice (510-455B)

The goal of the program is to be a confidence building experience for the licensed practical nurse who is considering a return to practice.

Length of Course

  • 8 weeks. 3 weeks on campus (Monday through Friday 9-4), for 510-455A LPN Update Theory and Skills, followed by 5 weeks, in the clinical setting, 510-455B LPN Update Clinical Practice
  • It is a full time commitment. The student should carefully consider family and other obligations prior to registration. Attendance at all on-campus and clinical activities are required for successful completion.
  • The course is held every fall (October), and spring (March). Please call Nancy Radke MS RN or Ann Cook at 262.691.5149 for more information.

LPN Update Theory and Skills (510-455A)

This 3 week, (M-F) course, will provide an update of nursing theory, healthcare trends, and a review of clinical skills. Students will be expected to complete outside reading assignments in addition to attendance at lecture presentations where body systems and common diseases of the adult will be reviewed.

A core group of nursing skills will also be reviewed in our state-of-the art nursing skills lab. Students will be required to do outside reading in preparation for the lab days where skills will be demonstrated and students will have an opportunity to practice and provide return demonstrations. Demonstration of proficiency in a selected group of skills will allow the student to advance to the clinical setting.

LPN Update-Clinical Practice (510-455B)

This course will provide 126 hours of clinical experience in an appropriate setting under the guidance of a preceptor in which the returning nurse will have an opportunity to put the theory and skills into practice. The clinical hours and schedule will vary depending on the mentor’s schedule and may include some evening and weekend shifts.

The update student will be asked to provide input for selection of the clinical site. The student should consider future employment goals, (i.e. long term care, outpatient setting etc.). A clinical site will be selected based upon input from the student, however, it is the responsibility of the WCTC faculty to arrange for available and appropriate placement.

Electronic documentation is present in every health care setting and students will encounter it during their clinical experience. Those who are not comfortable with today’s technology (MS Windows, MS Word, email, keyboarding skills, internet searches etc.) are strongly encouraged to seek out instruction on computer basics to update themselves prior to registering for the program.