Certified Medication Assistant Program

The Medication Assistant Program is only available to Certified Nursing Assistants who are currently employed in long term care. It is a 108-hour state approved Wisconsin Technical College System training program which is offered once every semester. The date varies, but it usually begins the first week of September for the fall semester, and the fourth week of January for the spring semester. The eligible candidates must meet certain requirements in order to participate.

The program consists of 68 hours of lecture, practice labs, and 40 hours of clinical which takes place with a registered nurse preceptor at the student’s work site. The student is required to have worked a minimum of 40 hours, within the last 90 days, with the residents to whom the student will be administering medications

Upon successful completion of the program, WCTC will notify the Department of Health and Family Services to upgrade the individuals’ status on the State of Wisconsin Nurse Aide Directory.

Registration Progress

Several weeks before the start of each semester, Waukesha County Technical College sends a letter announcing the upcoming class to the Director of Nursing at many long term care facilities in Waukesha and surrounding counties.

If a long term care facility has an eligible employee, the Director of Nursing will contact WCTC requesting a packet of materials. The packet contains information regarding the application process and the required documents for participation in the Certified Medication Assistant Program.

All required documentation must be completed and reviewed before the application will be accepted. Documentation must be hand delivered to WCTC about 4 weeks before the start of class. The student will be directed to make an appointment with a designated person to review the completed documentation. If documents are complete, student will then be directed to register for class.


Blood Pressure Competency

Students must demonstrate ability to take pulses and blood pressure on the first day of class. It is the agency’s responsibility to see that the recommended applicant is competent to measure and record blood pressure and pulse.

Staff In-Service

All participating agencies are required to have nursing staff employed in the agency attend a 2 hour in-service designed to introduce respective roles and responsibilities of Medication Assistant and the licensed nursing staff. NOTE: Only Registered Nurses may act as Preceptors to CMA students.

Required Documents

  • Application for Consideration for Admission (Filled out by applicant)
  • Recommendation for Employee admission (To be completed facility)
  • Nursing Staff-Letters of Recommendation (To be filled out by facility)
  • Copy of verification of High School Diploma or GED Transcript
  • Copy of CNA card
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Confirmation that the facility does not have Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) prohibition

* A Criminal Background Check will be completed on the first day of class.

Required Textbook and Workbook Package approximately $65.00. Books available at our WCTC bookstore and may be purchased on the day of registration for class.