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811-110 Pronunciation/Accent Reduction

Designed for non-native speakers at the advanced level, this course is for those who need to improve their pronunciation and fluency. Class presentations, activities and assignments provide information and practice aimed at improving consonant and vowel sound production, stress rhythm, intonation, enhanced conversation strategies and oral presentation skills. Learn to monitor speech in social, educational and professional situations. Pre- and post-speech assessment is required; must demonstrate an understanding of the American English sound system and show improved intelligibility.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 811-110-001

CRN: 10832
Tuition/fee: $289.00
Seats Open: 8
Instructor: Bezie-Nowak, Donna T
Dates: 08/27/18-12/17/18
Days: Monday
Times: 09:00am-10:50am
Room: B

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