Fall 2014 Semester Courses

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809-197 Contemporary Amer Society

Examine the network of interdependent social systems, which affect learners as employees, family members and citizens. In this interdisciplinary course, study public policy issues that illustrate how our traditional institutions such as family, education, government, work and media are being changed by global, political, demographic, multicultural and technological trends. Use creative and critical thinking skills in evaluating information, making decisions, advocating positions and participating in the democratic process through an exploration of contemporary issues.


801-195 Written Communication or 801-136 English Composition 1; and COMPASS-Reading Skills or 858-775 Reading - Program Readiness or 838-105 Intro Reading & Study Skills or TABE Advanced Reading or Accuplacer Reading Comprehensi or College Proficiency - Reading or ASSET-Reading Skills or COMPASS/ESL - Reading or ACT-Reading

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 809-197-002

CRN: 10481
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 20
Instructor: Plato, Gary J
Dates: 08/20/14-12/16/14
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 01:30pm-02:55pm
Room: B171

Offering number: 809-197-003

CRN: 10482
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 15
Instructor: Plato, Gary J
Dates: 08/21/14-12/11/14
Days: Thursday
Times: 06:00pm-08:55pm
Room: B171

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