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807-621R Tai Chi - Levels II & III

Tai Chi Fundamentals uses Qi Gong exercises and develops them into a modified 5 minute Yang style form. By using the breath and core movements, it can enhance the immune system, strength and energy while relaxing stress and pain. This moving meditation brings the body, mind and spirit into balance. Western medical research has begun to validate the many benefits of Tai Chi practice. The certified instructor guides students with compassion for all abilities (including rehab.) toward each student's individual goals. You can choose standing or seated postures. Includes an instruction booklet. Please wear flat-soled shoes, comfortable clothing.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 807-621R-001

CRN: 5260
Tuition/fee: $68.50
Seats Open: 1
Instructor: Gunnell, Julie K
Dates: 06/05/17-06/26/17
Days: Monday
Times: 12:30pm-01:20pm
Room: S104D


Dates: 07/10/17-08/14/17
Days: Monday
Times: 12:30pm-01:20pm
Room: S104D

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