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Spring 2017 Semester Courses

804-195 College Algebra w Apps

Cover skills needed for success in calculus and many application areas on a baccalaureate level. Topics include the real and complex number systems, polynomials, exponents, radicals, solving equations and inequalities (linear and nonlinear), relations and functions, systems of equations and inequalities (linear and nonlinear), matrices, graphing, conic sections, sequences and series, combinatorics and the binomial theorem.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 804-195-002

CRN: 20684
Tuition/fee: $418.95
Seats Open: 10
Instructor: Purves, Kiersten R
Dates: 01/24/17-05/16/17
Days: Tuesday
Times: 06:00pm-08:50pm
Room: E102

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