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Fall 2014 Semester Courses

804-118 Interm Algebra w Apps

Learn algebra content with applications. Topics include properties of real numbers, order of operations, algebraic solution for linear equations and inequalities, operations with polynomial and rational expressions, operations with rational exponents and radicals, algebra of inverse, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 804-118-002

CRN: 11356
Tuition/fee: $538.10
Seats Open: 11
Instructor: Wieler, Robby L
Dates: 08/20/14-12/12/14
Days: Wednesday Friday
Times: 08:30am-10:25am
Room: E102

Offering number: 804-118-003

CRN: 11357
Tuition/fee: $538.10
Seats Open: 1
Instructor: Alamilla, Sarah A
Dates: 08/21/14-12/16/14
Days: Tuesday Thursday
Times: 10:00am-11:55am
Room: A019

Offering number: 804-118-004

CRN: 11358
Tuition/fee: $538.10
Seats Open: 5
Instructor: Moranchek, Laura J
Dates: 08/20/14-12/15/14
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 06:30pm-08:25pm
Room: I202

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