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Fall 2014 Semester Courses

804-107 College Mathematics

Review and develop fundamental concepts of mathematics pertinent to the areas of arithmetic and algebra; geometry and trigonometry; and probability and statistics. Special emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, making connections and using calculators. Topics include performing arithmetic operations and simplifying algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable, solving proportions and incorporating percent applications, manipulating formulas, solving and graphing systems of linear equations and inequalities in two variables, finding areas and volumes of geometric figures, applying similar and congruent triangles, converting measurements within and between U.S. and metric systems, applying Pythagorean Theorem, solving right and oblique triangles, calculating probabilities, organizing data and interpreting charts, calculating central and spread measures, and summarizing and analyzing data.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 804-107-003

CRN: 11129
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 2
Instructor: Chirafisi, Cynthia I
Dates: 08/20/14-12/15/14
Days: Monday Wednesday
Times: 08:00am-09:25am
Room: E208

Offering number: 804-107-004

CRN: 11130
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 1
Instructor: Yakel, Sally G
Dates: 08/21/14-12/16/14
Days: Tuesday Thursday
Times: 01:00pm-02:25pm
Room: E218

Offering number: 804-107-006

CRN: 11132
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 7
Instructor: Nicolai, Richard A
Dates: 08/20/14-12/10/14
Days: Wednesday
Times: 06:30pm-09:25pm
Room: E102

Offering number: 804-107-007

CRN: 11134
Tuition/fee: $404.70
Seats Open: 6
Instructor: Paaske, Victoria L
Dates: 08/21/14-12/11/14
Days: Thursday
Times: 06:30pm-09:25pm
Room: E216

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