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531-423 Heartsaver/1st Aid/CPR/AED

The Heartsaver First Aid program of the American Heart Association combines the Heartsaver AED and first aid course. Participants will learn to perform adult CPR; relieve a foreign body airway obstruction; use a barrier device during rescue breathing; use an automated external defibrillator (AED); and provide first aid for acute injuries and sudden illnesses. Through the use of watch then practice videos, participants receive concise, step by step instructions in these topics. Skill practice sessions afford plenty of time for hands on. The fee includes a textbook and a two year certification card.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 531-423-001

CRN: 5249
Tuition/fee: $63.05
Seats Open: 4
Instructor: Wiesneski, Jodi S
Dates: 06/19/18-06/20/18
Days: Tuesday Wednesday
Times: 04:00pm-07:50pm
Room: H233

Offering number: 531-423-011

CRN: 5570
Tuition/fee: $63.05
Seats Open: 10
Instructor: Fox, Marilyn L
Dates: 07/21/18-07/21/18
Days: Saturday
Times: 08:00am-11:20am
Room: H106


Dates: 07/21/18-07/21/18
Days: Saturday
Times: 12:00pm-04:20pm
Room: H106

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