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194-482 RE CE VI/Other WI-apprvd Forms

Elective D: Wisconsin Condominiums. Examines the use of the approved one-page forms such as notices, amendments, counter-offers, counter-proposals, and cancellation agreements and mutual releases. Explores the correct way to use each form and when it is in use. Provides instruction on when to use a notice and when to use an amendment in connection with a buyer’s home inspection contingency. Considers when and how to use a bill of sale when transferring personal property as part of the real estate transaction. Reviews the important discussion of addenda including who can use them, when they can be used, who can draft them, how to use them and limitations on a licensee’s use. Topics also include the correct way to use the Cancellation Agreement and Mutual Release and how buyers and sellers use these forms in negotiating during a transaction.

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Sections this Semester

Offering number: 194-482-001

CRN: 11115
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 37
Instructor: Hutchison, Scott J
Dates: 10/20/18-10/20/18
Days: Saturday
Times: 09:00am-01:50pm
Room: B117

Offering number: 194-482-002

CRN: 11116
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 44
Instructor: Hutchison, Scott J
Dates: 11/28/18-11/28/18
Days: Wednesday
Times: 05:00pm-09:50pm
Room: B117

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