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194-480 RE CE IV/Ethic & Best Practice

Course 4: Ethics and Best Practices. Outlines Wisconsin licensee obligations with respect to the REALTOR Code of Ethics and Fair Housing Law. Topics in this course will highlight arbitration disputes, professional standards enforcement, providing equal services to all clients, and much more. This course will also delve into the Department of Safety and Professional Services’ complaint process, fair housing, and specific articles and sections within the REALTOR Code of Ethics.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 194-480-001

CRN: 11111
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 39
Instructor: Tiefenthaler, John P
Dates: 09/15/18-09/15/18
Days: Saturday
Times: 09:00am-01:50pm
Room: B117

Offering number: 194-480-002

CRN: 11112
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 42
Instructor: Tiefenthaler, John P
Dates: 10/17/18-10/17/18
Days: Wednesday
Times: 05:00pm-09:50pm
Room: B117

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