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194-479 RE CE III/WI New Developments

Course 3: Wisconsin New Developments. Updates licensees with the most recent changes and developments in real estate law, practices and procedures. Examines changes to Wisconsin statutes, administrative code provisions and case law. Provides instruction on revised forms including state forms and WRA forms. Covers pending and proposed legislative and regulatory changes, forms revisions and other potential changes to licensing regulations.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 194-479-001

CRN: 11109
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 42
Instructor: Young, James B
Dates: 11/07/18-11/07/18
Days: Wednesday
Times: 05:00pm-09:50pm
Room: B117

Offering number: 194-479-002

CRN: 11110
Tuition/fee: $34.35
Seats Open: 39
Instructor: Young, James B
Dates: 09/08/18-09/08/18
Days: Saturday
Times: 09:00am-01:50pm
Room: B117

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