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Fall 2014 Semester Courses

145-449 Starting My Own Business

Learn the step-by-step process for starting a small business venture in this 100% online course designed for entrepreneurs with the passion to succeed. Develop a solid understanding of important start-up concepts including business evaluation, planning, financing, organizing, licensing, franchising, sales, marketing and other important topics with special emphasis on avoiding the many pitfalls that real-world entrepreneurs face. Gain the knowledge, skills, concepts and strategies relevant to start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs in a dynamic online experience that combines the flexibility of e-learning with practical, real-world application. Access to Starting My Own Business online text provided. Students may register and begin this course at any time during the semester, but all course requirements must be completed by the last official day of the semester. IMPORTANT: After registering, please contact instructor Russ Roberts at 262.695.3468 or to discuss the course and receive course materials.

There are no active sections of this course.

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