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Spring 2017 Semester Courses

109-418B Mixology 24 Hours

Learn to prepare popular mixed drinks served in bars and restaurants. Proper setup of a work station, etiquette, money handling, suggestive selling, handling problem customers, and sanitation are emphasized. Students will recreate a work situation using actual bar equipment and role-playing exercises. This course includes the Responsible Beverage Service course which meets the state requirements for certification relating to the selling/serving of alcoholic products. Two course manuals required for the course may be purchased at the WCTC Bookstore.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 109-418B-001

CRN: 21066
Tuition/fee: $96.15
Seats Open: 3
Instructor: Schuster, Gerald F
Dates: 02/06/17-04/10/17
Days: Monday
Times: 06:00pm-08:50pm
Room: A161A

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