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103-459 Windows Beginner

Windows Beginner (103-459) is designed for the novice computer user that will provide an introductory look at Microsoft's Windows 10 desktop operating system. Students will learn how to navigate the Windows graphical interface and how to work with applications. In addition, students will explore the world of file and folder management using Windows Explorer and learn how to customize Windows using numerous Control Panel applets. Textbook and flash drive required.

Course Credits


Sections this Semester

Offering number: 103-459-001

CRN: 11112
Tuition/fee: $97.04
Seats Open: 7
Instructor: Love, Kameal
Dates: 08/29/17-10/17/17
Days: Tuesday
Times: 06:00pm-08:50pm
Room: WK124

Offering number: 103-459-002

CRN: 11884
Tuition/fee: $97.04
Seats Open: 15
Instructor: Plowman, Janet S
Dates: 08/28/17-10/23/17
Days: Monday
Times: 08:30am-11:20am
Room: B018

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