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Apprentices learn a trade by practical experience under a skilled worker, generally bound by a contract or agreement for a set time period. The contract is between the apprentice (employee) and employer or joint apprenticeship training committee, and it details areas of training, hours of training and wages during the training period. Related classroom instruction provided by WCTC reinforces what an apprentice is learning on the job.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development oversees the apprenticeship system and will contact WCTC to set a class schedule.

WCTC Apprenticeship Testing Information

WCTC's Career Center is a test site for the TABE and Accuplacer assessments. The Career Center is located in the Workforce Development Center (Bldg W). For information regarding the testing schedule, please contact the Career Center at 262.695.7848. There is a $20 fee for apprenticeship tests, payable at time of testing by check made out to WCTC.

Plumber apprentices have the choice of taking TABE or Accuplacer. This decision should be made by the candidate. It may be helpful to look at the sample tests and read the test descriptions at the link below when making the assessment choice.

ABC Apprenticeship Testing Questions

Admission Procedures

When an apprentice is identified, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards notifies the appropriate WCTC Associate Dean who, in turn, advises the apprentice and the employer about the schedule for related instruction.. A minimum of accomplishment level is required in each class each semester. Apprentices not completing the established minimums will not be allowed to continue the following semester. Call 262.691.5345 for more information about apprenticeships.