Auto Technology student

Automotive Technology - General Option

68-credit Associate of Applied Science Degree

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The Automotive Technology -- General Option was developed to fill the growing need for highly professional, technically competent technicians for automotive dealerships. Learn on the latest automotive vehicles, components, educational materials and state-of-the-art equipment available. Training will include engines, fuel management, electronics, transmissions/transaxles, brakes, air conditioning and hybrids.

  • Incoming students may earn credit for prior learning for specific high school automotive classes
  • Prepare for jobs such as automotive technician, auto mechanic or service technician
  • Internship opportunities are available and provide technical, hands-on experience.
  • Become ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified.
  • Earn EPA Refrigerant Recycling certification
  • Select programs may transfer to other institutions
  • Wages of recent graduates per Graduate Follow-up Report
    • Three-year Average Salary: $28,615

Program Code 10-602-3

Required Courses

First Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 442-131 Automotive Welding Fundamental2  
 602-104 Brake Systems3  
 602-107 Auto Service Fundamentals2  
 602-124 Steering & Suspension Systems3  
 602-125 Electrical&Electronic Systems12  
 801-136 English Composition 13+ 
 804-113 College Technical Math 1A3  
Total Semester Credits
Second Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 602-103 Engine Repair 12  
 602-106 Auto Service Consulting & Est1  
 602-127 Electrical&Electronic Systems23  
 602-196 Climate Control Systems3  
 602-197 Engine Performance 13  
 801-197 Technical Reporting3  
 806-139 Survey of Physics3  
Total Semester Credits
Third Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 602-108 Intro to Light Duty Diesel Eng1  
 602-123 Engine Repair 23  
 602-128 Electrical&Electronic Systems33  
 602-198 Engine Performance 24  
 809-195 Economics3+ 
 809-199 Psychology of Human Relations3  
Total Semester Credits
Fourth Semester
 Course NumCourse NameCredits
 602-105 Introduction to Hybrid Safety1  
 602-109 Auto Transmission/Transaxle4  
 602-149 Manual Drive Train and Axles4  
 602-190 Co-Op Dealership Experience I1  
 602-195 Advanced Chassis Systems2  
 801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm3+ 
Total Semester Credits
+ (Proficiency Exam Available)
* (Prerequisites or substitutes may apply to this class.)

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Credit Transfer Opportunities

WCTC has agreements with local high schools and various four-year colleges and universities that enable students to transition more seamlessly from high school to WCTC to four-year colleges. Transcripted credit agreements provide high school students the opportunity to take WCTC courses at their high schools. Agreements with four-year colleges enable WCTC graduates in selected programs to transfer credits, often at junior-level standing. Agreements currently in place for this program are listed below.

High School Transfer Opportunities

WCTC Course

WCTC Credits Awarded

602-107 Auto Service Fundamentals 2
602-107 Auto Service Fundamentals 2
801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm 3
804-113 College Technical Math 1A 3
806-139 Survey of Physics 3

Four Year College Transfer Opportunities


Program Name

Credits Awarded

UW-OshkoshOnline Bachelor of Applied Studies: Leadership and Organizational Studies63

UW-System Credit Transfer

If you are interested in attending a UW-campus, you should contact a transfer representative at the campus you plan to attend. You may also check credit transfer agreements between WCTC and the UW System to tell you which specific courses and general education classes may be accepted.

Important Cautionary Note:
This information is intended as a general description. Please verify the availability and details of the program that interests you with the transfer coordinator at the receiving institution.

Meet your Instructor

Program instructor, Don Oremus

Don Oremus

Phone: 262.691.5465


  • AAS, Wyoming Technical Institute


  • ASE Master Technician, GM Certified Instructor, Toyota Certified Instructor