Students with Disabilities

The Student Accessibility office provides transition services, academic support and academic counseling/case management services, along with certification forms, for students with disabilities. Our staff works closely with program counselors, faculty, advisors, mentors and other college staff to assist students in addressing academic and program needs while keeping the disability information confidential (unless written permission is obtained).

Recognizing the vocational, career and learning needs of each and every student, WCTC and the Student Accessibility office are committed to providing academic and support services to students with disabilities. The college is dedicated to:

  • Establishing adult-to-adult rapport
  • Creating an environment that fosters participation
  • Facilitating adult independence
  • Providing services to accommodate individual differences

Reasonable Accommodation Process

Students who have a documented disability should set up a meeting with the transition/retention specialist or the director of Student Accessibility to review the documents and discuss the needs for special accommodations. Please note: it may take additional time - in some cases, up to a semester - to plan for some auxiliary aids, depending on the type requested.

Who we Serve

The Student Accessibility office staff coordinates a wide range of support services to meet the needs of students with many types of disabilities, including physical, psychological, attention deficit, brain injury, temporary (including pregnancy), medical, learning, communicative and sensory (visual, autism spectrum and Deaf/Hard of Hearing).

For the Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

  • Interpreters are provided for all classes, tutoring sessions, meetings, field trips and campus activities. Please request services well in advance.
  • Note takers, extended testing time, quiet testing room, preferential seating are some of the additional accommodations provided.
  • Assisted listening devices are C-Print captioning.
  • Public video phones are available near the RTA Center and the learning commons.
  • WCTC has a closed captioning policy that all media needs to be captioned.

Disability Documentation

Student Accessibility Office staff will request documentation related to your disability, for your convenience, please find the disability certification form to match your disability accommodation request.

If you are uncertain which form applies to you and your individual disability needs, please feel free to contact the Student Accessibility Office and we can assist you.

Transition Services Aid in Bridging Gaps

Transition services serve to help students from one stage of their education and training to another by:

  • Providing high schools with information on college programs and services.
  • Communicating with parents, teachers, students and service providers.
  • Assisting students with program selection and supportive services.
  • Developing a checklist for students in high school who are interested in attending WCTC and receiving assistance based on a documented disability.

Transition Services

Transition services are available to individuals with disabilities who are current high school students or recent high school graduates to explore education and training options at WCTC.

Services Available Include:

  • Campus tour days
  • Support services
  • Application process
  • Individual/group presentation
  • Career planning
  • Registration assistance
  • Liaison with community agencies/high schools
  • Testing accommodations on the WCTC admissions test
  • Assistance with setting up academic support services
  • Assistance with adaptive equipment
  • Classroom accommodations

Transition Checklist

For Transition Services Information

Transition specialist

Phone: 262.691.5210 or 262.691.5281
Wis Relay: State Relay System - 711
Fax: 262.691.5089

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act

WCTC will not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission, access or treatment of students in its programs or activities. WCTC will provide reasonable accommodations to assist students with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer/Educator

Special accommodations are available if they are necessary. Please contact WCTC 72 hours before an event to make special arrangements.

Academic Support Services Builds Student Success

Students receive instructional assistance through the Academic Support Centers from teachers who are certified and experienced in working with a range of disabilities. Learning is organized in small-group settings using tests and resources from the specific course. Students are referred to Academic Support through the Student Accessibility office or WCTC faculty.

Academic Counseling/Case Management Helps Support Vocational Choices

Counseling and case management services provide help with program selection, accommodations and on-going support for students with disabilities.

For current high school students or recent graduates, the following staff will facilitate transition services:

Students will learn about the college, as well as how to access programs and services, secure reasonable accommodations and how to obtain support services.

For students who have been out of high school for three or more years, the case manager for Students with Disabilities assists with the pre-admission process, program enrollment and program completion. The case manager also provides students with general information about WCTC and its programs, and helps them access support services and secure reasonable accommodations.

Assistive Technology

Waukesha County Technical College offers many forms of assistive technology. Find out more here.

Meet our Staff

Colleen A. Gonzalez

Colleen A. Gonzalez

Coordinator of Student Accessibility

Phone: 262.691.5281
Appointments: 262.691.5318


  • MS – Rehabilitation Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Licensed Professional Counselor
Sarah Malewicki

Sarah Malewicki

Lead Sign Language Interpreter

Phone: 262.691.5148
Cell/Text: 262.225.3651


  • BS, Marquette University
  • AAS -- Interpreter Technician, Milwaukee Area Technical College


  • Department of Safety and Professional Services, Wisconsin State Licensed
  • National Certificate of Interpretation
  • National Certificate of Transliteration
Marayln M. Maloney

Maralyn M. Maloney

American Sign Language Interpreter

Phone: 262.691.5148


  • BS – Interpreting and ASL Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


  • Department of Safety and Professional Services, Wisconsin State Licensed
  • National Interpreter Certification
Kay H. Eibl

Kay H. Eibl

Disability/Transition Specialist

Phone: 262.691.5036


  • MA, Valparaiso University
Melanie Bivens

Melanie Bivens

Disability/Transition Specialist

Phone: 262.691.5485
Appointments: 262.691.5318


  • MS – Exceptional Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee