Overdue Fines

Students, District Residents and Non-District Residents

Collection Item Grace Period Fine
General Collection Books, periodicals, and DVDs 7 days $0.10/day
Equipment Mice, headphones and Mac Books None $1.00/hour
Tablets iPads and Kindles None $10.00/day
Reserve Material All None $1.00/day
Reference Material Checked out by special permission None $1.00/day
ILL All None $1.00/day

Overdue Schedule

The first overdue notice will be sent at 7 days.
The second overdue notice will be sent at 14 days.
The third overdue notice will be a bill sent at 21 days.

Item is declared lost after 21 days – replacement and processing fee are applied.

Holds will be placed on records for bills over $10.00 and library privileges will be revoked until their fine is paid. Patrons are permitted to resume privileges if they pay down the fines to below $10.00.

Max fine amount is $10.00 per item (fines stop accumulating).