Academic Support Services

In Academic Support Services, located in the upper level of the Business Building (B-110), students can review and improve the skills essential for academic success.

Services include:

  • Academic support in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Assistance and courses in general skill building as well as academic support for specific courses
  • Study skills and test-taking strategies
  • Test and assessment preparation including
    • WCTC’s admission testing
    • Apprenticeship testing
    • ACT Exam preparation
  • Academic support services for students with disabilities
  • Coordination of peer tutoring

Centers/Peer Tutoring/TABE

Academic Support Services is divided into specialized areas.

Credit Basic Education Courses

Self-paced individualized credit classes in reading, writing and math help to enhance college-level skills, earn a college level credit and grade, and can be used as elective credit to graduate from a WCTC associate degree program. The credits are not to be used for preparation for admission into WCTC associate degree programs.


Includes improvement of comprehension, vocabulary, reading rate and study skills, such as test-taking strategies, memory techniques, note-taking skills and critical reading. Students will develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, and learning strategies.


Includes the process of developing and editing paragraphs and essays using complete sentences, correct punctuation, and proper grammar.


May include topics that are specific to the student's program, such as ratio and proportion, measurement, scientific notation, signed numbers, algebra and geometry topics.

For more information call 262.691.7837.

Testing/Assessment Preparation

Academic Support Services provides students with opportunities to prepare for tests and assessments.

Accuplacer Placement Test

  • The Accuplacer is an individualized, untimed, computer-based test that helps evaluate an incoming student’s proficiency in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Scores indicate students’ strengths and weaknesses, and the test results are used to determine the best choices for academic planning and course selection.
  • Students placed in Developmental Education courses based on Accuplacer scores do not earn academic credit toward degree completion. Developmental Education courses help build basic skills needed for success in program courses.
  • To review basic skills before taking the Accuplacer placement test, visit Academic Support Centers. Call 262.691.7837 for more information.
  • When you are ready to take the Accuplacer sign up for a testing session online, or call the Assessment Center (C-022) at 262.695.6215.


Did you place into skill building courses?

You have a few options. You are allowed to retest one time in order to improve course placement.

  1. Contact Academic Support Services about other assessment options.
    1. Academic Support Services located in the B Building Room B110, Phone 262.691.7837.
    2. This option is for the Reading and Writing only.
    3. No fee for this option.

ACT Exam Preparation

  • The Study Skills/ACT Exam Preparation course is geared toward high school students preparing for the ACT college entrance exam.
  • For more information, call 262.691.7837.

Accuplacer Preparation

  • Individuals preparing to take apprenticeship exams (carpenters, electricians, fire hose fitters, painters, plumbers, sheet metal workers, sprinkler fitters and steam fitters) are encouraged to use the services of Academic Support Centers.
  • Students who need to review prior to an Accuplacer retest can also benefit from Academic Support Services resources.
  • Diagnostic tests in reading, writing and math are available; two hours are needed to complete overall testing.
  • Call 262.691.7837 for more information.