Alumni Association

WCTC's alumni contribute their skills and talents to all aspects of our community, touching the lives of many. Our outstanding graduates are the college's greatest asset, and the WCTC Alumni Association is charged with keeping you connected to your alma mater and to one another through outreach, special events and other involvements. The association is dedicated to celebrating our community of graduates, which includes anyone who has earned an associate degree, technical diploma or certificate; all are members of the WCTC Alumni Association.

Our alumni are advocates of WCTC. Sharing your experiences with current students and the community ensures the college's continued success and reinforces WCTC as a leader in workforce development.

Get Involved!

The WCTC Alumni Association encourages graduates to reconnect with their college in a number of ways:

  • Show your WCTC pride in being a WCTC alum.
  • Return to WCTC and share your career and college experiences by being a guest speaker in a class.
  • Had a great college experience? Maybe someone you know could benefit from a WCTC education, too! Refer them to a program.
  • Serve on a program advisory committee.
  • Support the internship program by hosting a student at your business.
  • Mentor a current student.
  • Donate to the WCTC Foundation.
  • Attend a board meeting, commencement ceremony or other special event.
  • Hire a WCTC graduate.
  • Re-energize your career by accessing a workshop, job fair, or other WCTC Career Service for adults.

Stay in Touch With WCTC

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As we develop our Alumni Association, we want to hear from you, our graduate! In order to make this a truly dynamic and engaging program, we need to know what interests you and learn all the ways in which you would prefer to connect with Waukesha County Technical College. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief survey. Information gathered will be used exclusively for the development of the program and will not be shared with outside organizations. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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Since graduating, I have returned to campus to (check all that apply):
Take a credit course
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Work at the institution as an employee
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Attend a special event
Speak to a class
Dine in the Classic Room (on-campus restaurant)
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Please indicate your interest in the following educational activities (check all that apply):
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Group travel opportunities
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I would be most interested in the following types of alumni services (check all that apply):
Access to the WCTC library
Use of the WCTC OmniTech computer lab
Access to the Classic Room for dining
Alumni discounts on campus (Classic Room dining, book store, etc.)
Career Services (employment assistance, resume writing, etc.)

I'd be interested in volunteering in the following ways (check all that apply):
Mentoring current students
Serving on an alumni committee
Hosting an intern/co-op student at my place of employment
Participating in a focus group
Serving as a guest speaker/class presenter

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