Our Advantage

Through its vision and leadership, the experts at the Corporate Training Center (CTC) have developed a reputation as a trusted training partner by providing high quality solutions designed to achieve desired outcomes. Over the past five years, nearly 27,000 employees from more than 1,200 organizations have advanced their knowledge, skills, and performance through training provided by CTC. Its programs and instructors have consistently achieved a satisfaction score exceeding 95 percent from participants and nearly 97% of customers indicated a likelihood of returning for future training and business support.

CTC provides innovative customized training and value-added customer services by:

  • Assessing business challenges prior to suggesting a solution.
  • Assessing the organization’s readiness-for-change.
  • Supporting Human Resource departments in identifying and monitoring employee career or job growth.
  • Providing technical assistance during the planning, development, implementation, and ongoing assessment of programs and training solutions.
  • Coordinating and supporting curriculum development and/or customization.
  • Facilitating responsive, targeted, customized training.
  • Evaluating/assessing services and implementing processes.
  • Facilitating long-range/strategic planning processes.
  • Assessing application of strategies, training, and approaches ensuring appropriate return on investment.

Customizable Training

Corporate Training Center instructors and staff will work closely with your organization to identify the underlying cause of your business challenge/opportunity and then customize training solutions to align with your business goals and objectives, values, and culture.

CTC respects the individuality of each of our customers. We make no assumptions about your needs or of the solutions that might enhance business performance without a thorough assessment and understanding of your objectives. Our content experts work with your team to design a suitable solution and then deliver that in a cost-effective manner. You are our most important customer, and you have our commitment in resolving challenges that face your organization and workforce.

To discover how customized training can meet your specific workforce needs, contact us at 262.695.7828.

Technical Assistance

To ensure your satisfaction and optimal return-on-training-dollar-investments, CTC provides customers an additional add-on value of individualized technical assistance. While an investment in training is a great first step, technical assistance provided by content experts can ensure knowledge is applied and process improvement steps are appropriately implemented and sustained.

In addition, our team can provide technical assistance during the planning, development, implementation, and ongoing assessment of programs and training solutions designed to enhance workforce skills and efficiencies, develop and improve process, and guide strategic planning. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art information, capacity building techniques, and technical resources to build and sustain identified priorities of your organization.

Workforce Advancement Training Grants (WAT)

Over the past 10 years, WCTC's Corporate Training Center has secured nearly $5 million in funding to support training initiatives for Waukesha County employers - primarily through state funds received by the Wisconsin Technical College System's Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) program.

WAT grants are designed to support an organization’s investment in the development of its workforce, improve business productivity, and enhance overall competitiveness. These funds are awarded via a competitive process and typically support between 50-70% of full training costs.

Each year, CTC uses market data to determine primary areas of funding likely to benefit a consortium of businesses with similar training needs. In FY2018, CTC will be submitting grants to support businesses interested in advancing the skills of leaders, from front line supervisor through upper management.

A second grant application will be developed and specifically designed to support businesses interested in advancing their continuous improvement efforts. This grant will include support training focused on problem solving, lean-six sigma methodologies including Orange Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt training, project management, change management, building high performance teams, and coaching.

Eligibility Checklist

You could be eligible to receive training support through a WAT grant if your organization meets the following requirements:

  • Operates within Waukesha County.
  • Has a strategic training plan for incumbent workers that include a critical evaluation of immediate and future workforce training needs.
  • Has prioritized training that will enhance organizational culture and long-term viability and improve the technical and/or leadership skills of the workforce.
  • Expects training to improve its employees' job/career opportunities (i.e., pay increases, promotions, etc.).
  • Can demonstrate ongoing investment in workforce development.
  • Maintains an existing relationship with the technical college system.
  • Has not received WAT grant funding for more than two consecutive years as a "sole" recipient or three consecutive years in total.
  • Is committed to proceeding with the training regardless of the outcome of the grant application.

CTC Team

WCTC's Corporate Training Center is a recognized leader in experiential training, leadership development, benchmarking and culture change for business professionals across Waukesha County. Let the staff of Corporate Training Center partner with you for the best return on your investment.

Russell Roberts
Executive Director

Terri Glaser

Karissa Amstadt
Contracts Technician

Carrie Tiedke
Contracts Technician

Nichole Liesener
Business Fulfillment Specialist

Latonia Pernell
Workshop Coordinator

Christy Stone
Account Manager

Dan Mowbray
Account Manager

Scott Richter
Account Manager

In addition, CTC has more than 50 content experts in various areas who support our mission of guiding the design, development, delivery, and implementation of relevant, innovative, high quality, and educationally sound training programs which contribute to economic growth by enhancing productivity and profitability, organizational performance, and employee skill and morale.