Course Wait-Lists

Students are responsible for monitoring openings in classes via the class search. Choose "open sections only" for availability. Registration may occur any time there is a number, greater than zero, in the "seats open" column. The majority of courses have no waitlists.

A small number of classes have wait-lists:

Additionally, all WTCS Staff Certification In-services required for licensing have a wait-list.

These policies apply to all courses with wait-lists:

Multiple Wait-Lists

Openings that occur in classes are filled by the department. Students are contacted via phone or WCTC email. WCTC reserves the right to rescind wait-list order within one week prior to the start of class. A new schedule/bill is mailed, however it may be delivered after the start of class.

Important note: All students have access to a WCTC email account. This is the official means of communication at the college. The Service Desk will assist with technical difficulties.