Non-Degree / Non-Credit Students

Non-Degree, Credit Students

Non-degree students register during Open Registration. For dates, see the College Calendar.


Some classes may have prerequisites (check the class search). WCTC reserves the right to remove students from classes upon unsuccessful completion.

Repeating a Course

Students are allowed to retake a course one time if they have previously attempted the course and were unsuccessful, or they chose to withdraw. If a student wishes to retake a course two or more times, they must complete a Seeking Course Enrollment - Third Attempt Form and petition the appropriate dean.

Course Audit (AU)

Only credit courses may be audited; students receive AU as a final grade. Audit students may attend class, but are not required to take examinations; they do not receive credit for the class. Tuition and fees are assessed. An audited course appears on the student's record with the grade AU and it does not count toward a degree or diploma.

To audit a course, an agreement is made between the student and the instructor. Students may elect to change from credit to audit if they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students may audit a course, with the consent of the instructor, during the first 50% of the semester.
  • After 50% of course duration, students may audit if they are passing the course.
  • Audit students, who wish to withdraw from a course, must contact Registration to withdraw.
  • Students must adhere to the WCTC drop policy and 80% course completion rules.
  • Students must adhere to all rules and regulations regarding attendance.
  • Audit students may not, at a later date, change to credit status.
  • Auditing a course may affect your financial aid status

Transcripted Credit Audit (TA)

Beginning in summer, 2014 high school students enrolled in Transcripted Credit classes at their high school may receive an audit grade (TA).

Senior Audit

WCTC permits a person 60 years of age or older to audit a course, with the exception of community-based service classes (600-level courses) and apprenticeship courses. Tuition for audit classes will be waived; however, the individual is responsible for course-related fees. The decision to audit must be made at the time of registration. No credit is granted for audited courses.

Senior audit requirements include:

  • The student must be a Wisconsin resident.
  • WCTC reserves the right to exclude specific courses and suspend the audit option for courses due to demand.
  • All course prerequisites and other-related course requirements apply.
  • Students may contact Registration two days, or less, from the start of class to request the option.
  • Registration will contact the appropriate associate dean for a final decision.
  • Audit students may not, at a later date, change to credit status.
  • Change from full pay to senior audit will not be honored at a later date.