Alternatives to Taking the COMPASS Test

While the COMPASS test is considered the primary college placement test at WCTC, other criteria such as college credits or scores from previously taken tests, including the ACT or Accuplacer, may be used in place of the COMPASS test.

ACT or Accuplacer Test Scores to Substitute COMPASS

For students who have already taken ACT or Accuplacer tests, WCTC may be able to use ACT or Accuplacer scores for placement if they meet the criteria and are not more than five years old. Official score reports must be sent to the Admissions office for waiver consideration.

Review score and placement information

Credits From Other Colleges May Waive Need For Compass Test

For those who have college courses that show proficiency in the areas of writing, reading and math, it may not be necessary to take the COMPASS test. For example:

  • An English course, with a grade of "C" or higher, that would transfer to WCTC as 801-195 Written Communication, would waive the writing portion of the test.
  • Twelve credit hours of General Education courses (Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, Communications, etc.) passed with a "C" or better, would waive the reading portion of the COMPASS test.
  • A college-level math course passed with a "C" or better may waive the math portion of the COMPASS test depending on the math course needed for a particular program.

Follow the process required to have transcripts evaluated.