Additional Testing Services

CLEP Testing

CLEP exams test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways - through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work. CLEP exam-takers include adults just entering or returning to school, military service members and traditional college students.

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students opportunities to receive college credit for prior knowledge with qualifying scores on one or more CLEP examinations.

  • These exams test understanding of introductory college-level subjects.
  • All CLEP test fees are $105 ($80 payable by credit card to The College Board on the day of testing).
  • In addition, WCTC charges a test facilitation fee of $25, also payable in the Registration office on the day of testing.

Review the list of CLEP exams WCTC accepts and the scores required.

Check out the CLEP website for more details about the CLEP test. Visit with your academic advisor to discuss which CLEP exams may be the right match for you and learn the process to receive credit. Once you have determined the appropriate test, please contact the Assessment Center (262.695.6217, Room C-022) to register for a testing session.

ASSET Testing

Like the COMPASS test, the ASSET test is a series of short placement tests in the areas of writing, reading and math, developed by ACT. Those requiring special accommodations for their initial placement test will take the ASSET test rather than the COMPASS test.

The ASSET test is given in a paper-and-pencil format with the accommodations needed (extended time, audio tapes, etc.) for the individual student. The ASSET Student Guide offers test-taking tips and sample questions.

Test takers are encouraged to pay careful attention to detail when taking this test and allow enough time for completion. Scores will determine what courses students can enroll in during the first semester, which will affect how quickly a WCTC degree program can be completed.

Schedule the ASSET Test

  • To schedule a time to take the (ASSET) test, contact the Student Accessibility Office, at 262.691.5318 or stop by C-021 in the College Center. Test takers will be given specific information regarding time and location of the ASSET test.
  • The test will be administered in the Assessment Center, Room C-022.
  • Test takers will need a photo ID (driver's license, student ID, etc.), and the should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the test.

ASSET Results, Scores and Placement Guidelines

Score reports include course placement recommendations. Please view the chart for course placement information for WCTC Associate of Applied Science Degree programs. For further assistance, follow up with a Special Services specialist and academic advisor.

Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE) and Spanish Language Assessment

Those interested in enrolling in the Language Interpreter for Health Services program must be fluent in English and Spanish. This includes speaking clearly and accurately and writing grammatically correct.

To demonstrate skills, students must:

  • Take COMPASS reading and writing tests.
  • Take Spanish Assessment of Basic Education (SABE) in reading and grammar.

If scores in these areas reflect you are at the skill level necessary for your program, you will then take the Versant test, which is an assessment of Spanish-speaking skills. There is a $40 fee for this test.

For more information and how to schedule testing for these exams and assessments, contact Patty Reighter, assessment center coordinator, at 262.695.6217, or stop by the Assessment Center, Room C-022.