Wisconsin Youth Options

Wisconsin's Youth Options program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for high school students who are considering a technical career, wishing to begin college early or who want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.

Through the program, the school board will determine if a desired college course can be taken for high school credit and is not comparable to a current course offered by the district.

Benefits of the Program Include:

  • Allowing all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at Wisconsin technical colleges, UW System institutions, tribally controlled colleges and private, nonprofit institutions.
  • Earning both college and high school credit (which can be applied toward high school graduation requirements needed to earn a high school diploma).
  • Payment by the school district. In approving a student's participation in the Youth Options program, the school district is required to pay for the student's course and books; the student is responsible to pay for supplies (equipment, tools, workbooks, uniforms, etc.)
  • Deadlines Procedures

    • Complete the Youth Options Program Plan and Report and return the completed form to your high school counselor by March 1 for fall classes or Oct. 1 for spring classes.
    • Once the high school counselor approves the application and returns it to the student, it needs to be submitted to WCTC Admissions.