Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Program

The Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program is a rigorous one- or two-year program for high school juniors and seniors that combines academic and technical classroom instruction with paid work experience, allowing participants to explore a career while still in high school.

Youth apprentices receive occupation-related instruction and on-the-job training as part of their regular high school schedule. YA students are partnered with a workplace mentor and are exposed to all facets of an industry, resulting in attainment of competencies and skills identified by industry professionals. WCTC staff works in collaboration with high school site coordinators to promote, identify and secure youth apprenticeship opportunities in Waukesha County.

Successful youth apprentices leave high school with a state-issued skills certificate and career-related work experience. In addition, those who successfully complete the YA program may continue on to earn the complete registered apprenticeship license through a partnership between the employer and one of WCTC's apprenticeship programs.

To participate in the YA program, students must be:

  • Enrolled in a public or private secondary school or other approved program which is part of the Waukesha County School-to-Work Consortium or other YA Consortium
  • Likely to graduate at the completion of their senior year
  • In their junior or senior year of their secondary education (Students may begin their Youth Apprenticeship as early as the summer between their sophomore and junior year of high school)
  • Have participated in career exploration, guidance and/or education activities which allow them to make an informed choice about their chosen career area
  • Interested in hands-on, career-based, learning

Any additional eligibility criteria used by consortia must be pre-approved by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

Students and parents who are interested in Youth Apprenticeship opportunities should contact their high school's Youth Apprenticeship site coordinator or WCTC's Youth Apprenticeship specialist, Nathan Zorn at 262.691.5557.