Start College Now

Wisconsin's Start College Now program opens the door to additional learning opportunities for high school students who are considering a technical career, wish to begin college early or want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.

Through the program, a student's school board will determine if a desired college course or courses can be taken for high school credit and is/are not comparable to a course or courses offered by the district.

Benefits of the Program Include:

  • Allowing all public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at Wisconsin technical colleges.
  • Earning college and high school credit simultaneously.
  • Earning college credits at little or no cost to the student. School districts, through the Start College Now program, pay for the cost of courses and required books. The student is responsible for the cost of supplies and optional materials (tools, workbooks, uniforms, certification exams, etc.)
  • Deadlines and Procedures

    • Complete the Start College Now application and return the completed form to the student's high school counselor by March 1 for fall classes or Oct. 1 for spring classes.
    • Upon school district approval, the application is returned to the student. Approved applications should be submitted to Nathan Zorn in WCTC's Center for Early College Opportunities. Scanned and e-mailed copies or mailed hard copies will be accepted. E-mail: Mail: WCTC, Attn: Nathan Zorn, I-156, 800 Main St., Pewaukee, WI, 53072. Students should consider any school district requests or program requirements before submitting their applications to WCTC.
    • A program introduction letter will be mailed or e-mailed to each prospective student for whom an application is received. Please provide valid and legible physical and e-mail addresses on the Start College Now application.
    • Prospective students should follow up with WCTC to confirm final course selections and determine the steps to complete course prerequisites.
    • Students who meet application deadlines, receive school district approval, submit an application to WCTC, and complete course prerequisites will be enrolled in their selected courses during the open registration period if seats are available. If a seat is not available, WCTC will work with the student to select a suitable alternative.
    • A second letter, containing a student schedule and instructions to acquire course textbooks and materials will be mailed and/or e-mailed to the student.
    • Final grades will be shared with the student's school district upon completion of the course.

    Please note: Any student interested in enrolling in Start College Now courses should first consult with his or her high school counselor to determine if the course(s) he or she has selected are consistent with his or her Academic and Career Planning (ACP) goals and will not conflict with high school course and co-curricular commitments.