Credit for Prior Learning

WCTC students may be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) through transfer credit from previous colleges; educational, work, military, or other experiences; credit by exam (AP, CLEP, etc.); and credit from high school courses.


Transfer Credits to WCTC:

  1. Contact each institution you have previously attended and request that official transcripts be sent directly to the WCTC Office of Admissions.
  2. If you have not already done so, begin the process of applying for admission to one of WCTC’s programs.
  3. Allow approximately 1-3 weeks after receipt for review of your transcripts. You will be notified by email after transcripts have been evaluated.
  4. Only courses with a grade of "C" (2.0/4.0 scale) or better will be reviewed for transfer credit. For required science courses for Nursing, grade requirements may be higher.
  5. If you wish to appeal your transfer evaluation, you must submit a written appeal with any supporting materials to the respective Associate Dean within 30 days of the initial evaluation.


Experiential Learning

Credit may be granted for college level knowledge and skills gained through work experience, military experience or other experiences as they directly relate to the program's curriculum.

Experiential Learning is assessed by a challenge exam, demonstration and/or a portfolio evaluation. Additional information for Early Childhood Education students.

Those interested in receiving credit for experiential learning must:

  1. Contact the appropriate instructional department to discuss and schedule an appointment
  2. Pay for the cost of the assessment at the Enrollment Center

      Assessment fees prior to July 1st:

    • 1 to 2 credits - $50
    • 3 or more credits - $100
    • Assessment fees after July 1st:

      Fees are based on the assessment method and are non-refundable. If two methods are required for an assessment, only the higher fee is charged:

      • Challenge Exams - $50
      • PLA Skill Demonstration - $90
      • PLA Portfolio - $90
  3. Submit receipt of payment to the Associate Dean
  4. Schedule and complete the assessment.

After successful completion of the assessment and receiving result notification, the WCTC transcript reflects satisfactory completion as "PL" (Prior Learning) rather than a letter grade. If students register for a course and in the interim pass an assessment for the course, they may request a refund. Fees are refunded according to the WTCS refund policy.


Credit by Exam

Credit may be earned by achieving satisfactory scores on a nationally recognized exam. Official exam scores must be sent to WCTC for evaluation. WCTC’s Testing Center offers both the CLEP and DSST.

  • AP - Advanced Placement
  • CLEP - College Level Examination Program
  • DSST - formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests
  • IB - International Baccalaureate

Review the pre-approved Credit by Exam minimum scores and courses list.

High School

  • Advanced Standing
    • To receive college credit, there must be an existing Advanced Standing agreement between WCTC and the high school. Review the list of state-approved Advanced Standing courses on the Wisconsin Technical College System web site.
    • A student must receive a grade of B or better prior to the awarding of credit.
  • Transcripted Credit
    • Transcripted credit agreements allow high school students to take WCTC courses at their high school and earn both WCTC transcripted credit and high school credit. Review the list of state-approved Transcripted Credit courses on the Wisconsin Technical College System web site.
    • The credit earned is applied to the student’s academic record and can be used toward a WCTC program and could be evaluated for transfer by a four-year college or university.
    • A student enrolled in a WCTC high school transcripted credit course is eligible to request a waiver of the WCTC admissions fee. Refunds will not be given to eligible applicants who have already paid the fee.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams

Standards for awarding Credit for Prior Learning:

  1. A maximum of 75 percent of the major subject area credits and 75 percent of the total credits required for the program may be awarded through Credit for Prior Learning.*
  2. Grades received through Credit for Prior Learning will not be computed in the grade point average.*
  3. If you receive Credit for Prior Learning, you are exempt from taking the approved courses. Approved transfer of credit can be viewed at "myWCTC" under the "Academic Profile” tab.

*Does not apply to Transcripted Credit.