Advising and Counseling Services

Academic Advising

Academic advisors are charged with helping prospective, new, current and transfer students successfully meet their academic goals.

Academic advisors help students:

  • Explore and understand programs.
  • Make course selections.
  • Set up degree plans.
  • Understand college policies and procedures.
  • Track progress towards graduation.
  • Connect with campus resources.

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Counseling Services

As partners in the educational process, WCTC counselors focus on the intellectual, cultural, psychological and social dimensions of student life.

Counselors work with students to:

  • Receive individual counseling.
  • Develop critical life skills.
  • Identify and resolve personal and academic barriers.
  • Determine and accomplish personal goals.
  • Gain insight into themselves and others.
  • Learn coping skills with issues affecting students' education.

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