What Students Say

Robyn Ludtke, Marketing

Robyn Ludtke


"As a mom with two kids on the go, to take classes at night or online and use an app really helped me multitask and create good time management. WCTC is the blood that runs through me. They are very supportive…and are there for you."

Sara Geszvain, Human Services Associate

Sara Geszvain

Human Services Associate

"There is no way possible to imagine the ways WCTC helped change my life. My WCTC education and career-building is a huge confidence booster. I went for education and now I know being career-minded is life-changing. I’m always shooting for more."

Tony Schutte, Criminal Justice Studies

Tony Schutte

Criminal Justice Studies

"The staff in my program is impressive. Many of the course-specific teachers, if not all, have criminal justice backgrounds. They have a way of getting the entire group to interact."

Justin Wang, Automation Systems Technology

Justin Wang

Automation Systems Technology

"The instructors teach what is being used in the real world. I have found that everything I’ve learned I could use at my job the very next day. The technology we use in the program is the latest that’s available. And the teachers and staff – whenever you need them and whenever you have questions, they’re always willing to help you."

Amy Wenger, Interior Design

Amy Wenger

Interior Design

"After working in business management for over 20 years, it was time to do a 180 in my career and pursue my dream – Interior Design. From the first day of class, I knew this was the program for me. With excellent instructors, a wealth of resources and the opportunity to be socially involved, I know I’m getting the best education around."

Hilde Dippel, Medical Assistant

Hilde Dippel

Medical Assistant

"I’ve always been interested in medical assisting and I’m fascinated by the lab work. WCTC is a good value, and it’s an investment in yourself. It’s gearing me in the right direction and the education I’m getting here is wonderful."

Justin Aprahamian, Culinary Management

Justin Aprahamian

Culinary Management

"I graduated at age 16 from high school and came directly into WCTC’s Culinary Management program. The labs and equipment are up to date, and the instructors are great. The value for your dollar is a huge benefit. You can spend a lot more, but you’d be hard pressed in this profession to get a return on that investment. WCTC’s program is very well-rounded and stresses both the technical cooking and the management aspects of the culinary business, such as calculating food costs. You leave very well rounded."