WCTC Foundation

James Schaller Memorial Scolarship recipient Mary Smith talks about how the scholarship helped her.

The WCTC Foundation Inc. was established as a non-profit organization in 1977 organized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The Foundation is dedicated to seeking support for WCTC students through scholarships, assisting needs related to the College's academic programs and advancing educational opportunities for the community through charitable support. The Foundation's tax exempt 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS assures donors that all gifts are tax deductible.

On behalf of the WCTC Foundation Board of Directors, thank you to all our donors. It is through your generosity and support that we are able to provide quality education for our students at Waukesha County Technical College. Your continued support is truly needed and very much appreciated.

The mission of the Foundation is to secure charitable resources to assist WCTC students in achieving their educational goals. Through creativity, enthusiasm and collaboration, these efforts are in partnership with Waukesha County Technical College to foster lifelong learning and workforce development in our community.

What Needs Your Support?

The WCTC Foundation helps WCTC students and potential students pay for tuition, books and other school-related expenses. The Foundation awards more than $250,000 in scholarships each year to WCTC students. Scholarships are votes of confidence in higher education and in the students who pursue them. The WCTC Foundation is grateful to the individuals and organizations which enable us to make scholarship awards available to students. Our donors have shown a sincere interest in supporting students with educational opportunities which might otherwise be unavailable. View a list of available scholarships.

Integrated Manufacturing Center Campaign

WCTC is working to create a new Integrated Manufacturing Center (IMC) to provide innovative solutions to the skills gap crisis. The center will be connected to the Industrial Building and will be home to several programs within the School of Applied Technologies. It will serve as the hub of manufacturing on campus, facilitating integrated learning for multiple disciplines and promote a spirit of collaboration among programs.

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Learn about naming opportunities

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Academic Programs

In support of Waukesha County Technical College, the WCTC Foundation seeks donations for WCTC programs and instructional needs.

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Technology & Equipment

State-of-the-art classrooms and equipment allow WCTC students to gain proficiency in the latest technology used by business and industry leaders. Students benefit from a learning environment that is up to date and dynamic. If you wish to make an in-kind donation of equipment or supplies, please go to "In-Kind Gifts" and click on "donate."

Giving Opportunities


An endowment with the WCTC Foundation is an excellent tool for making a perpetual scholarship gift. An investment of $10,000 establishes a named endowment to benefit a specific category of students or a field of study that has been chosen by the donor. To accomplish this goal, gift commitments may be completed over a five-year period. Scholarships are awarded beginning the semester after the $10,000 goal is reached.

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Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships are established to recognize a particular individual or organization. The purpose of the scholarship may be designed specifically by the donor. Honorary and memorial scholarships usually define a field of interest specifically related to the donor's motivation. All Named Scholarships are promoted to students with information about the source of funding and purpose of the scholarship.

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Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Many donors wish to give a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one or a special friend.

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Advised Funds

Another form of support is through an Advised Fund. An Advised Fund is used for the support of specific programs of a department or division and/or the support of students enrolled at WCTC. Donors designating their gifts to an Advised Fund may restrict their gift to student assistance, staff development, materials, equipment, supplies and more.

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Planned Gifts

A legacy or planned gift will benefit students for years to come. Estate planning professionals and WCTC Foundation staff can help determine the most effective way to design a legacy gift. This type of gift can be accomplished through a number of ways:

  • Wills
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Charitable and Deferred Gift Annuities
  • Gift of Life Insurance

Special Bequests

A charitable bequest offers a way to support WCTC in a continued legacy. Memorial gifts and charitable bequests are lasting methods of supporting and enhancing the quality of education for students. Making a charitable bequest is not only a sign of good stewardship, it is also a mark of thoughtful estate planning, and the bequest becomes an enduring gift to technical education and its students.

Suggested wording for Bequests to the WCTC Foundation

The following are suggested wordings for directing gifts by bequests to the WCTC Foundation. They are only to be used as a guideline for those consulted in the preparation of letters and wills. It is strongly recommended that donors consult an attorney to prepare their will and to supervise its execution to comply with specific state laws.

  • General wording: I give to the WCTC Foundation, Inc., Pewaukee, Wis., the sum of $ ___ (or the following described property:, or the rest, residue, and remainder, or percentage of my estate) to be used by the WCTC Foundation, Inc., to benefit Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC).
  • Scholarship fund wording: I give to the WCTC Foundation, Inc., Pewaukee, Wis., the sum of $ ___ (or the following described property:, or the rest, residue, and remainder, or percentage of my estate) to be used to establish the (name) Scholarship Fund, for the purpose of annually providing one or more scholarships to deserving students who are enrolled at Waukesha County Technical College, in accordance with the decisions and judgment of the WCTC Scholarship Committee or its successor agency as directed by the WCTC Foundation, Inc.

In-kind Gifts

Each year, in-kind donations of equipment and services assist in enhancing the educational experiences of students at WCTC. In-kind giving is a unique and meaningful way to support the educational advancement of students and utilizes items that may have concluded their usefulness for business. In-kind donations can include: new products and inventory, production equipment, buildings, land, raw materials, machinery and tooling, office furniture and equipment, heavy equipment, vehicles and services.

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