Top Reasons to Attend WCTC

Respect of Area Employers

Employers consistently turn to WCTC as the pipeline for their workers because they know WCTC grads have the skills to immediately contribute. Why? Each WCTC academic program is guided by advisory committees comprised of industry professionals. These 700 advisory committee members ensure that what is taught in the classroom reflects employer expectations.

Dedicated Instructors with Relevant Work Experience

WCTC instructors practice what they preach. Most of WCTC's instructors have master's degrees and/or industry-specific credentials in their area of instruction. They also possess relevant work experience to ensure they combine theory with real-world examples.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Students at WCTC learn on the most advanced technology available in their fields. From world-class IT-Networking labs to the nationally-renown Harry V. Quadracci Printing & Graphics Center to the technologically-sophisticated Human Patient Simulator lab, WCTC makes it priority to provide students with the most up-to-date technology available.

Hands-on Approach Reinforces Learning

Rather than just learning theory, WCTC students apply what they learn through hands-on projects. This applied-learning approach helps reinforce learning and helps students stay more interested and motivated in the subject matter.

Ability to Earn and Learn Through Internships

Nearly 200 local employers sponsor internships for WCTC students, allowing them the chance to gain relevant work experience while earning college credit. Approximately half of WCTC internship students will stay full-time with their employer upon graduation.

Graduates are Valued and Rewarded

Median salaries for Wisconsin Technical College associate degree graduates are $36,000 right out of college. Graduates enjoy impressive salary growth after five years, with median salaries of more than $44,000; a 48 percent increase since graduation.

WCTC's Return on Investment

Graduates of WCTC get the education and training needed to compete in today's competitive technical job market . . .

  • More individual attention because classes are smaller and instructors care about your success.
  • Job placement is strong, with 9 out of every 10 graduates employed within six months of graduation, even in a tough economy.
  • Less debt because technical college credits cost much less than four-year institutions, meaning quicker financial freedom when you graduate.
  • 130 career programs, which will give you plenty of options for you to follow your passion.
  • Smooth credit transfer to four-year colleges gives you the option of pursuing your bachelor’s degree at a later date.
  • Most of the fastest growing occupations (two-thirds) require technical education (associate degree or less).
  • The latest technology prepares you to take off in your career.
  • Hands-on learning opportunities from instructors who have real workplace experience.
  • Relevant skills come with a technical education, which is why 95 percent of our graduates' employers say they would hire tech college graduates again.
  • Two years or less is the time it takes many of our graduates to receive their degrees or diplomas and start their exciting careers.
  • Graduates are valued and rewarded as median salaries for associate degree grads are $36,000 right out of college.