Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness (I.R.E.) is one of WCTC's support service units and works with both academic and non-academic units across the college in its continuous improvement efforts. I.R.E.'s primary responsibilities include: accreditation, institutional research, long-range strategic planning, new program development/program modifications, quality program/service unit reviews, and state and federal-mandated reporting.

Research Reports

Presentations and Publications

Services Provided by IRE

  • Review of procedures to ensure that regulations are met and risk is minimized
  • Assistance in refining project ideas to address Human Subjects concerns
  • Provision of assurances of cooperation required by external Institutional Review Boards (most thesis projects require approval from the IRB of the degree-granting institution)

WCTC Administrative Policy LEA-511 Research and Evaluation Studies (September, 2004)

Waukesha County Technical College supports data collection and analysis for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of college programs, services, operations and staff. Research and evaluation studies may be conducted by college staff or by outside consultants under the direction and approval of the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness. Such studies must be mindful of the rights of individuals and be conducted according to standards established by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in 45 CFR 46.