Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) provides the college with information and analysis for improving efficiency and effectiveness. IRE is one of WCTC's support service units and works with both internal customers and external employers and other stakeholders to support the college’s evolution and continuous improvement efforts. Data from IRE supplies the backbone for the college’s data-based decision making processes. IRE's primary responsibilities include:

  • Institutional research
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • New program development
  • Program modifications
  • Program and service unit quality reviews
  • State and federal mandated reporting
  • Tracking and maintaining college performance metrics
  • Benchmarking college outcomes
  • Supporting accountability (e.g., Outcomes Based Funding)
  • Data dashboard
  • Institutional Review Board functions
  • Supporting data collection processes
  • Providing support to college units (e.g. conducting focused surveys and other research)

These functions are necessary for the college to be able to contend with a rapidly changing and complex landscape of lifelong education and workforce development.

One of the most important products created by IRE is the annual Graduate Follow-up report. Results of the most recent Graduate Follow-ups can be found below: