Civility Project

WCTC's Civility committee began in fall 2011 and is comprised of students, faculty and staff dedicated to raising awareness about how we treat one another and the impact it has on the campus community.

Over the past year, Civility Committee members have worked with the WCTC community to define the meaning of civility. The initiative's nine major tenets encourage us all to:

  1. Pay attention
  2. Listen
  3. Be inclusive
  4. Not gossip
  5. Show respect
  6. Be agreeable
  7. Apologize
  8. Give constructive criticism
  9. Take responsibility

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Upcoming Civility Course

As part of WCTC's Civility initiative to "raise awareness about how we can treat each other well and the impact that has on our campus community," the college has developed a non-credit course on Introduction to Civility. The focus of this interactive course is to identify, promote and implement a variety of attitudes and behaviors which foster a civil campus and community. Discussion, activities and role plays will be a part of this curriculum. Check the Class Search for upcoming dates.

"Civility allows us to connect successfully with others." ~ P.M. Forni